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Dancing  out
  1. December 2014
    We danced out in the Market place and also on Derby Street by the Trinity Church. It was rather a cold day, but it was lovely and warm in the pub afterwards !
  2. APRIL 25th 2015
    Audley was our April venue for our dance out. The weather was kind to us while we danced, but unfortunately it didn't manage to stay dry all afternoon.
  3. April 14th 2015
    On this Thursday in April, we were invited to dance for the Evergreen Club on Biddulph Moor. We enjoyed a lovely afternoon and even persuaded some of the audience to join in .
  4. April 16th 2015
    As part of "Art in the Park" in Leek, we danced by the Leisure centre and enjoyed a very welcoming audience, together with a warm sunny day.
  5. June 13th 2015
    Rushton Garden Party is well known for inviting good weather, but this year it didn't keep up with tradition! Luckily, it now takes place at Earlsway farm on Beat lane , where we were able to dance in the large barn. Having danced two sessions, we were rewarded with sandwiches, cake and tea.
  6. July 11th 2015
    What a lovely time we had at the Brown Edge Carnival. We joined in with the procession around the village before dancing in the arena and it never rained !
  7. July 12th
    Grindon hedgehog rolling took place on this Sunday and Leek Morris was invited by the Side "Black dog Molly" to join them in entertaining everyone. A lovely way to spend an afternoon in the countryside.
  8. August 15th 2015
    Our very own "Leek Day of Dance". We were joined by our good friends "Black Dog Molly" and " Powderkegs ". All three sides danced out in turn on Derby Street where a very appreciative audience showed obvious enjoyment and many lovely comments were made. At lunchtime everyone enjoyed pie and peas.
  9. September 19th 2015
    It was a warm, sunny afternoon when five local Women's institutes gathered together in Meerbrook Village hall to celebrate the W.I. Centenary. Leek Morris went along to provide entertainment and then share a wonderful afternoon tea with all the ladies.

More Days Out

October 1st 2015

October 30th 2015

December 19th 2015

Thursday afternoon saw some of us dancing out in Leek as part of the "Live age event".This was organised by ‘Peace through Folk’ - a Leek based trust, whose aim is to celebrate peace, goodwill, friendship and reconciliation through folk music. The day included an Informal Folk afternoon (12 noon - 6pm) in the courtyard and marquees of the Robuck Hotel, Leek. 
Whiston village hall was our final venue for October where we all enjoyed a sociable evening, joining in with a barn dance with music provided by Jolly Machine.
There was, however, no rest for us, as the members of Leek Morris provided entertainment during the interval.
Our last dance out for 2015 was in Leek for the Dickensian Market. Christmas hats were the order of the day! Lunch was shared together in the White Hart Tea room.

​Come and see us in 2016
April 14th ..........DE Healthcare, Uttoxeter
April 23rd .......Audley Medieval Fayre
May 28th .........Endon Well Dressing
June 16th..........Evergreen Club, Biddulph Moor
June 12th .........Leek Park
June 18th...........Biddulph Moor Well Dressing
June 23rd ..........The HollyBush, Denford
June 24th ..........Ford Green Hall
July 2nd..............Brown Edge Carnival
July 10th ..........Grindon
July 16th ..........Onecote fete
July 19th ..........Abbey hill School
July 23rd ..........Buxton
August 12th ....Foxfield Railway
August 20th.....Leek Day of Dance
September 10th..Castleton
October 1st & 2nd .............Este, Italy

April 23rd 2016
May 28th 2016
June 16th 2016
We danced out at the Audley Medieval Fayre and this year the weather was a little kinder to us - no rain !
An enthusiastic group of spectators joined us in dancing "Cock o' the North".
The last Bank holiday weekend in May turned out to be lovely and sunny, which probably makes a change for the Endon Well dressing event!
Leek Morris were there to dance in the sunshine while Peter, Adam and Jason accompanied them.
We always enjoy dancing for the Biddulph Moor Evergreen Club and there is, of course, the added bonus of a cup of tea and a biscuit at the end of it! We had an excellent audience, with some of them joining in with our last dance with competant enthusiasm.
June 12th 2016
June 18th 2016
June 23rd 2016
Leek celebrated the Queen's birthday weekend with a party in the park. Although we couldn't compete with the giant waterslide on the Sunday, we had a welcoming audience and danced both on Saturday  morning and during the afternoon.
Biddulph Moor Well Dressing was a true village affair, with stalls, entertainment and refreshments.The school children danced around the maypole by the village green and Leek Morris danced for two sessions at the village hall.Again, we had an enthusiastic "bunch" to join in with the dancing at the end !
What a lovely evening we had when dancing outside The Hollybush Pub in Denford. The weather was lovely and this encouraged an appreciative audience to sit outside and watch both Morris sides take it in turn to entertain.
June 24th
July 2nd 2016
July 10th 2016
We were asked by Mr. Steve Mitchell, who was putting on a short Shakespeare play with his disability theatre group,if we would join them at Ford Green hall, to follow up the entertainment with a few dances. The whole evening was very relaxed and towards the end, some of the actors joined in with our dancing.
Brown Edge Carnival, somehow, managed to find a reasonably dry day, even though it rained heavily just a few miles away! As the field was quite soggy down in the dip, the arena was moved up the field. A cosy little area was made, which was just perfect for dancing in, and our very welcoming audience sat all around us. Afterwards, we were offered tea, sandwiches and sausage rolls in the refreshment tent. 
Grindon village held their annual Hedgehog rolling event amid short, sharp, blustery showers. Of course, the hedgehogs were only fir cones being pushed around a course with brooms. Good fun, especially for one of our ladies, who won her section.
It is said that, prior to Victorian times,
real hedgehogs were used, but then animal activists put a stop to it. The tradition was resurrected in 2000.
We joined our good friends, Black Dog Molly, who so kindly laid on refreshments for us all.

July 16th 2016
July 19th 2016
July 23rd 2016
It often rains when Leek Morris go dancing out, but if you keep dancing, it doesn't seem so bad.
In fact everyone in Onecote seemed to be very good at ignoring the rain and carried on with their fete, while chatting away to us, making tea and serving cakes.
We arrived at Abbey Hill Special School on probably the hottest day of the year. The first "job" was to have our picnic on the school field and then we danced! Later we were entertained by some of the children, who performed with plays, music and maypole dancing. 
Sixteen Morris Sides gathered in Buxton on a beautiful sunny morning, everyone ready to share a day of dance.We  started off the dancing at half past ten at the bottom of the slopes, being one of four sides to take it in turns, the others being Poynton Jemmers, Powder Kegs and The Clifton Maids.
We danced for two sessions in front of the Opera House with other sides and then late in the afternoon, everyone gathered by the Opera House for their Show dance.Leek Morris performed "Winter's Dream".
August 12th 2016
August 20th 2016
September 10th 2016
A lovely Friday evening was spent dancing, together with Domesday Morris. The Potteries Folk club also included a sing around session. This was all part of the weekend's beer  festival at Foxfield railway Station.
This was our own day of dance, held in Leek and we welcomed Black Dog Molly dancers who came  to join us.Needless to say, it rained! During a heavy shower, the dancers went into Trinity church for a tea break and while there, were asked if they would perform inside for all the  visitors and helpers.So,with the chairs pushed back, they danced the Ruardean Reel. At least it was dry ! 
Then back at the Scout Hall, pie and peas were served to all.
What a wonderful day we had in Castleton, Derbyshire, celebrating the fifteenth birthday of Powderkegs. We met at half past ten and all sides danced in the market place. This was then followed by three Sides dancing outside The George and three dancing by the Peak Hotel, the Sides moving around for different sessions.
We had a very enthusiastic audience outside The George,one couple stayed virtually all day, even though they had come to the area to visit the caverns!
Finally we all met back at the market place and danced again.The day concluded with mass dancing and of course CAKE! Many thanks to Powderkegs.
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Finally, bringing our year to an end, we danced during the Leek Dickensian Fayre. The weather was kind to us and there were plenty of spectators willing to take a break from their Christmas shopping.  Our friends, Black Dog Molly, joined us for the event, performing alternate dances.

December 17th 2016



                     Dates for the coming year - 2017
                                   April 22nd -Saturday -  Leek 
                                   April 23rd - Sunday  -   Stafford Arms (3 - 4 pm.)
                         May 13th - Saturday -  Leek (dancing approx 10:00am).
                         May 18th - Thursday - Evergreens, Biddulph Moor (afternoon).
                         May 19th - Friday      -  East Street school
                         May 20th - Saturday -  Sneyd Green Primary School
                         May 29th -  Monday -  Endon Well Dressing
                         June 19th -  Monday -  Rushton Primary School
                         June 24th - Saturday -  Bagnall
                                   July 8th    -  Saturday -  Brown Edge
                         July 9th    -  Sunday   -   Grindon 
                         July 14th  -  Friday   -     Foxfield
                         July 22nd -  Saturday -  Leek (with Somerset Morris). 
                        August 26th- Saturday - Ipstones 
                        September 16th - Saturday - Leek food market
                        September 23rd - Saturday - Hull - Morris Federation Day of Dance

APRIL 23rd
We celebrated St. George's Day in Leek and in Bagnall. The weather was kind to us on both days and our audiences were very welcoming and keen to join in. 

 MAY 13th
Leek Morris enjoyed yet another fine day, dancing in Leek market place, together with their friends Black Dog Molly.

MAY 19th
We spent a lovely morning visiting East Street School where we demonstrated some dances to the Year 4s, told them a little of the history of Morris Dancing and then they joined in with "Tinners rabbit".

MAY 20th
Phew ! Time to get those bell pads off!
We performed in the school grounds of Sneyd Green Primary School as part of the entertainment for their school fair.
MAY 29th
Although the weather wasn't very promising,it managed to stay fine while we danced at Endon Well Dressing. We performed in a perfect spot, right in front of the well, which meant we had plenty of spectators who stopped to watch and even join in.
JUNE 19th
We enjoyed a lovely relaxed afternoon with the children of Rushton School,telling them a little about Morris dancing, demonstrating some dances and then letting them join in with Tinner's rabbit  and Shepherd's Hey.

JULY 9th
Thank you to our friends Black Dog Molly for inviting us to the Grindon Hedgehog Rolling day.A lovely time was had by all who went.

JULY 8th
For the second year running, we had a lovely sunny day for our performance at the Brown Edge Festival .We danced in the arena for two sessions to a very welcoming crowd.

JUNE 24th
We were back in Bagnall! This time, for their Summer fete, where one of the highlights of the day was a Pipe Band.We danced in two sessions with a break for a cuppa or a ride on a donkey!


JULY 14th
​What a lovely relaxing evening we had at Foxfield. Maybe the proximity of the bar helped!

  JULY 23rd
A most enjoyable morning was had, dancing and socialising with our new friends, West Somerset Morris. Leek was just one of their stops during a weekend of dancing around the Peak district.

Dancing for the Ipstones show certainly kept us on our toes as we led the procession of Queens through the village and then danced in the arena in the very warm sunshine.

We had a very enjoyable morning, dancing in Leek, gathering a good crowd - well, until it came to joining in with Tinner's Rabbit!

Pat - "And this one was washed in Persil!"

Looks like Kate is asking for volunteers for a jig, judging by Sandra's face!


On Saturday morning all sides met together in Queen Victoria Square. We danced by the Marina, the Streetlife Museum, on the famous Scale Lane Bridge and even in the Princess Quay shopping centre.It was the first outing for the now famous Leek Morris Mice and they were very much admired - as were our matching rucksacks too!

Sunday in Hull - and only 3 sides left standing!!

What a lovely relaxing Sunday morning - just three sides dancing, Belfaggan Women's Morris, Newburgh Morris and ourselves. The sun shone for us as we headed off for Queen Victoria Square for our first dances. The Princess Quay and the Marina were the next venues and then very conveniently we  finished our tour at the Minerva! 

Christmas 2017 in Leek

Snow on the ground! Freezing cold! 
What better weather could you ask for when dancing in Leek on a Saturday morning!

DIARY for 2018
April 22nd          Bagnall, St George's Day
May 3rd             Biddulph Moor Evergreens
May 12th            Leek Folk Day
May 13th            Leek Morris Workshop
May 28th            Endon Well Dressing
July 7th                Grindon Hedgehog Rolling
July 14th               Brown Edge Carnival
July 21st                Buxton Day of Dance
July 28th              Hull weekend
August 25th         Ipstones show
September 7th    Longnor Cheshire Cheese Pub
September 15th   Jason's 70th birthday
September 28th  Este week
November 18th    Tittesworth with Domesday
November 29th    Kemble Special School

December 15th     Leek Dickensian Fayre & social